Flocked Minis

While waiting in line at a craft store today, I saw the item pictured here in a display by the cash register. Next to it were some other “Flocked Minis” of Halloween figures (ghosts and pumpkins), but for my purchasing power, the birds were it. (There were also some little bears that I almost always think about getting for my daughter when I see them, but they didn’t come in the tangentially-Flock-relevant packaging, so I opted out of those once again.)

Lest you think this is an ill-advised product placement, let me explain that flocking is (among other things) a technique of texturing or patterning something with pulverized wool or felt (source). These turkey figurines are flocked. I wonder if turkeys actually flock in the wild.

I’m no good with version numbers, but I hereby propose that whatever version number we’ve reached when we’re down to the letter “T” in our count (our already having used Buzzard and Cardinal and heading into Danphe) that we name the browser Turkey.

My daughter enjoyed playing with the turkeys.


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