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FlockupcakeOn June 24, my daughter turned two years old. We had an extended-family party for her, and my wife baked star cupcakes. As party favors for the kids, she had made some blue and green tie-dyed tee shirts, and one of the kids’ activities was going to be making tie-dyed sock puppets.  It was pretty nifty. (Yes, you turn into a weirdo when you have kids.) I mentioned that since she was going to have blue star cupcakes to match the shirts anyway, we should shoot a picture of one for me to post as a flockstar. She went the extra mile and added the Flock logo on her own, and here it is. As far as I know, this is the first Flock baked good.


2 thoughts on “Flockupcake

  1. Hi Daryl,
    I’m sorry to place this comment in an unusual place but I was reading the two Ell’s blog and saw that you closed your comments. You said if anyone needed to contact you then just send a non-spammy email. I couldn’t find your contact email anywhere on the website so I came to this one.
    Specifically I am a big fan of the AMazon wishlist widget – thanks a whole bunch! Non of the ones that used cURL worked for me. I was wondering if there was anyway to change the plugin code to add multiple items from the wishlist without having to call on the plugin again. It seems to me that I could use a loop but I haven’t had much success – any suggestions? Feel free to contact me via email if you like.

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