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My First Userscript

Every time I go through my bug mail and see updates to bugs that I’m not sure why I’m being copied on, I click through to bugzilla to see what the bug is about. In spite of the hundreds of times I’ve read bugs, I still have trouble every time spotting the “assigned to” field to figure out whether the bug is mine or whom I should communicate with about the bug. Finally, after doing a bunch of bug management this morning, I got tired of it and created my first Greasemonkey userscript to make spotting the bug simple. (A couple of months ago, I actually made this modification to Flock’s bugzilla install, but a staffer suggested that it really wasn’t the best idea to enforce my personal preference on everybody, and he was right.)

Note that the “assigned to” label is now highlighted in bright yellow, drawing the eye to that field. 95% of the time when I’m looking at this top portion of a bug, that’s the field I’m looking for, and I’ll now save seconds per bug that I would otherwise spend darting my eye around the page in search of the field. That equals minutes per week, hours per quarter, days per decade. All in all, I figure this’ll cumulatively add 3 or 4 days of productivity to my life, and who can argue with that? If you have similar troubles parsing bugzilla output, you can download my little userscript here.


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