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New Flock Buttons

Old Flock buttons Old, round Flock buttons
Buttons I've been griping about Newer buttons I’ve been griping about because they look too much alike and aren’t very depictive.
Newer, better buttons Buttons as of May 22

Buttons have been on my mind of late, and there’s a new development. Thanks to a comment from Thomas Stache, I downloaded a new build this morning and saw that we’ve got new buttons for the photo and news features. I haven’t seen either in the lit up state yet, but I think the unlit states are a big improvement. I’m still not convinced that users new to Flock will know exactly what the icons are for, but that they look substantially different from one another makes the user experience 100% better for me. I still might advocate a camera image for the photo button, but I can live with the icons as they currently look. Now that I compare the new icons to the original round buttons (thanks to Lloyd for suggesting that I post a shot of them), I think I do like the newer type of icons better; they look less clunky.

Thus endeth this installment of the button chronicles.


4 thoughts on “New Flock Buttons

  1. nicotinestain says:

    i miss the old round flock buttons badly. it made flock look and feel so special from any other browsers. i’m speaking as a user on Linux.

  2. Flock is no more unstable than firefox, being built off the last stable release of FF. I love me some flock (and am now getting to experience the joys of installing on linux… new to me altogether).

    Thanks for posting these buttons, Daryl! (even if this is very late in coming)


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