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So say you happened to fire up a new browser named, say, "Grock," and up there beside the "home" and the combined "reload/stop" buttons, you saw the two buttons pictured here. What would you think they meant? What would you expect them to do? If you already know, no fair.


3 thoughts on “Buttons

  1. I’m prejudiced because I just got a pair of flat panel monitors, and I spent a couple of hours this week trying to get them to automatically sense portrait vs landscape, but that was my first thought right there. The one on the left goes to landscape mode, the one on the right goes to portrait mode – especially since they’re next to each other, and it looks like the same picture is in both icons.

    Now that I’ve grabbed the latest Flock, I know what they mean, but only after I thought about what buttons were there before. I love the other icons, though – really slick.

  2. The one on the left looks like a TV… pictures or videos maybe. It’s very generic though, I really don’t have a strong feeling of it’s purpose. The one on the right looks like a calculator. And I must say, hat’s off to flock for taking on Microsoft’s desktop dominance with MS Calculator. It’s criminal they way they are allowed to bundle apps like this with the os.

  3. When I saw the new buttons, I thought they were very cute; I still do, mind you. However, my first impressions were totally different from the real purpose of Flock.

    The first button (left) resembles a TV set, like Mike said. The second button (right) looks like an iPod or a MP3 music player. That was my first impression. Now I know what they mean and just take them for what they are.

    I liked the way Flock Devs combined the colors white and light blue to create these lovely buttons. Small things like these, make great products. Apple is a good example.

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