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What you should know before using 0.5.11

Welcome to the 0.5.11 release of Flock. If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re aware of the risks associated with software that’s somewhere between alpha and beta.

Flock 0.5.11 Release Notes



 This is a test note I’m adding to the shelf.

Is this red? If it’s being rendered at wordpress.com, probably not. It should appear red in the blog editor, though.


* Linux

   ** Blogging

        *** With an old profile (fresh yesterday, though), when I
opened the blog editor, I got an error

        *** Also, the blog post wouldn’t publish.

        *** With a fresh profile, both errors disappear.

   ** Photos

        *** Uploaded photo without issue

        *** Browsed to my photos

        *** Browsed to friend’s photos

        *** Dragged photo into blog editor

   ** Shelf

        *** Dragged image, link, text onto shelf

        *** Added note to shelf

        *** Dragged each of these items off the shelf into a blog post.

        *** (Minor issue: If I right-click in the shelf when nothing’s selected, a small, empty menupopup thing appears.)

   ** Maps

        *** Added two locations, one manually and one by dragging an
address (incidentally, should we make it more clear that you can drag

        *** (Hey, there’s a little callout at my locations now. Nifty!)

        *** Opened link from callout. (It opened in a new window
[boooo] and didn’t open in a tab [or at all] when I CTRL-clicked.)

        *** Toggled size

        *** Zoomed

   ** History search: Seems to work as expected.

   ** Technorati Conversations: Seems to work (albeit still slow to load)

   ** RSS

        *** Seems to work as expected.

        *** (Did sorting by topic speed the heck up or what?)

   ** Favorites

        *** Sharing with Shadows seems to work.

        *** When switching from Shadows to Delicious, my browser shut
down. I think this is a known behavior. (The blog editor, in which I
had an open draft, *did* prompt me to save. Yay, Anthony.)

        *** Collections toggle fine (and continue to be one of my
favorite features), though I continue to have some focus weirdness on
the menupopup in Linux, which weirdness Robin blogged yesterday.

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