Test from Windows

Tested all the stuff I did in Linux.  Any notable differences appear here. (nsfw)

  • Imported Firefox data successfully.
  • Maps drag area does have UI indicating it’s droppable (I didn’t see this on Linux, though possibly it was an oversight.)
  • [BUG] I had several tabs open when I decided to share bookmarks on Shadows. I didn’t have an account, so I went to create one. It got rid of my tabs (including an unsaved blog editor tab; grrrr).
  • Need some elaboration here.
  • It did save my blog post but didn’t tell me (I discovered this later).
  • I think the original window I had open died, but the one I was setting my Shadows account up in stayed open, and the impression I had was that I lost my tabs.
  • Whereas on Linux, I don’t remember getting an alert to the effect that switching services would shut down my browser (I could be mistaken, but I sure don’t remember getting one), I did get such an alert on Windows.
  • [BUG] After setting up a Shadows account (but not signing in), I went to properties for a link and tried to share it. The checkbox just wouldn’t let me click it (it would blink; it wasn’t grayed out). I finally remembered that I had only created a Shadows account and hadn’t logged in. When I did so, the functionality worked. The checkbox should probably prompt the favorites sharing dialog when clicked, though.
  • [BUG?] Lost link! While using Shadows, I added a link to a collection. After I switched to Delicious, that Favorite disappeared. I had marked the favorite as a private favorite in Shadows. Maybe that accounts for why it’s not showing up in Delicious. Still, I would have expected it to remain a favorite on my local system.
  • [BUG?] Indended bullets (ie, nested bulleted lists) render fine in the blog editor but appear all in one top-level list on wordpress.com. This may be a wordpress.com issue but merits investigation.

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2 thoughts on “Test from Windows

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  2. So far my experiments under Windows have proved successful.

    I didn’t know about the “add a note” feature on the Shelf until you posted about it. It is obscure, but I agree with you it would be nice to be able to right click and add a note there, so that get’s my vote.

    I’m very pleased with the new version. I no longer get the “script error” that I used to get with 0.4.11. On the whole, this version seem pretty stable to me.

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