Flock Testing

Robin posted a testing script for the latest tinderbox builds of Flock. I haven’t followed it exactly and haven’t noted things that have worked (except for one unexpected and delightful case), which is probably a useful thing to do, but I have identified a number of bugs (one sort of bad, but the rest very minor) and found myself wanting a few little features added. New features are of course not on the map for the release we’re hoping to spin today, and I suspect that most of these bugs won’t get touched yet, but here they go, for our QA folk to review if/as desired.

[BUG] Before I go any further, let me report that I was unable to post this to my wordpress.com blog using the blog editor. It could be a problem with my account (as Robin managed to post his), but in any case, the “Posting” dialog just sat there for several minutes until I dismissed it. I then went and posted this manually.

All in all, this release feels great to me. Some of our flockstars have been using Flock as their primary browser for weeks or months, and I have to really applaud those folk for sticking with it. Only in the last few weeks have I been dogfeeding it heavily because it hasn’t been generally usable to me until the last few weeks. I think it’s very usable now, though, and I’m as comfortable using it as Firefox. Some things, such as the ability to toggle collections in my link toolbar, make it even more comfortable. I can also see myself starting to actually use Flickr a little more now thanks to the uploader (I run Linux and haven’t found any other uploader that works, so getting photos into Flickr has been a painful process for me).

Without further ado, my findings:

  • [BUG] When I add a location to a map and then click properties for the location, the location name has “Address” for a label. Screen cap.
  • [BUG] Insert/edit link dialog for blog editor is too small on Linux. It has scrollbars, and I can just see the tops of the buttons.
  • [FEATURE] Also in the insert/edit link dialog for the blog editor, I wish the link url field got focus. I have to click into it every time rather than just doing a quick paste and return.
  • [BUG] In the blog topbar in Linux, there’s a slight doubling of the “Drag stuff to blog it” image. Probably just a no-repeat needs to be set on the background image.
  • [FEATURE] I can’t drag from the photo topbar into regular textareas or text fields. I’m not always blogging when I want to drag my images around; we should really add a text/plain flavor for these images.
  • [BUG] There’s still a pixel offset on the right-hand borders of buttons in the uploader photo properties dialog on Linux. Screen cap.
  • [BUG] I renamed a text file with a .jpg extension and dragged into the photo uploader. It gave me a thumbnail placeholder with no preview. When I pressed the upload button, it acted as if the upload worked. If the file dragged into the upload toolbar isn’t in fact an image, we should probably toss an error. In any case, if flickr doesn’t allow the upload for whatever reason, we should display the error.
  • [FEATURE] I wish I could right-click in the shelf to add notes rather than having to move my mouse all the way over to the unobtrusive “Add Note” button, which isn’t terribly discoverable.
  • [FEATURE] It also occurs to me that it might be nice to be able to annotate a given shelf item to note why I dragged it there.
  • [FEATURE] And also, what about reordering within the shelf? That was a nice feature.
  • [BUG] Dragging into specific spots within the shelf seems flakey. Sometimes it drops below where the little drop indicator appears, and other times it seem to drop above. Other times it drops nowhere near the drop indicator.
  • [BUG] There should be a confirm on the “Clear All” option for the shelf, especially as that button is right beside the “Add Note” button and could easily be pressed by accident.
  • [FEATURE] I really wish some things were dockable as either sidebars or topbars. For example, it’d be great to be able to blog with the shelf on the side and my flickr photos up top so that I don’t constantly have to go toggling back and forth in the topbar.
  • [FEATURE] I tend to expect the Technorati bar to automatically query when I load a new page.
  • [BUG] In the Technorati topbar, there’s no hover state on the “Get conversations” and “Comment on your blog” buttons, and it’s kind of weird to click them.
  • [FEATURE] If there’s already a favorites manager open when I click the favorites manager, can we just focus its tab rather than opening a whole new one?
  • [QUESTION] In the faves manager search, it’s not clear to me what field I’m searching on.
  • [QUESTION] I don’t understand the different icons in the faves manager. Sometimes there’s a little globe, and sometimes there’s a little gray ribbon-like thing. I don’t seen an obvious difference that these signify.
  • [FEATURE] In faves, when I refresh a feed (context click in collection, for example), can there be some sort of indicator that something’s happening or has completed?
  • [FEATURE] I wish I could reorder my collections in the faves manager so that I could have my most-used collections at the top of the collection chooser in the toolbar.
  • [BUG] When adding a new collection (faves), validation won’t let me create a blank one but will let me create one that’s a single-space.
  • [KUDOS] (Hey, CTRL-S saves in the blog editor! Woo hoo!)
  • [BUG] In the feeds view, the “headlines only” checkbox should persist. Currently, if I check it and then change the sort, it unchecks the headlines box.
  • [QUESTION] Does the feeds view’s topics feature tap into my tags at all? It’d be neat if it’d look especially for things relevant to my tags and maybe group those near the top.
  • [BUG] When I right-click the star and try to add to the default collection, it doesn’t get added to the collection.

2 thoughts on “Flock Testing

  1. I used the original dev release for a long time, but in the end switched back to Camino (aka Firefox Cocoa) because of simply annoyances. (Blog categories, Flickr bugs, no pull-down RSS readout on fav bar, etc.)

    I’m glad to see these new innovations and I hereby switch back to using Flock as my primary browser. Here’s hoping it lasts.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thomas Stache says:

    I guess you heard meanwhile, but the icons in the fave manager indicate the sharing state.
    “my computers”-computer,

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