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Spent last week out at Flock HQ focusing almost exclusively on a web site revamp, which (cross your fingers) will land this week or next. Flock HQ is very crowded right now. Chris’s much-talked-about bloody hand post from a few weeks ago was the result of tearing down a wall, and even with that wall torn down and tables lining what walls tables can line in the garage, the place is filled to the brim when we out-of-towners descend upon Palo Alto. Robin, Zbigniew, and I were all in town.
Community stuff (including the podcast ball I got rolling) is still a little up in the air as far as I can tell. One of my tasks for the next couple of days is to try to understand my role on that front going forward. I had hoped to get clarification while I was in town, but the stars didn’t align correctly, and it didn’t happen.


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