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Pet Chickens, But No Flocks

Did you know that there’s somewhat of a demand for “Pet Chicken” meetups? There are as yet no Flock meetups, however. At $12 a month to host a meetup, I can hardly blame people for not starting any up. I do wonder if there are any small groups of people who meet up to talk about Flock or even about browsers generally. I’ve had several online encounters with Perry Nelson, who happens to live in Knoxville, but we’ve never met. He’s dug up at least one other guy in our area, and we’re looking into meeting up after Flock’s next release in a week or two. If you’re looking to make local connections, you might start at the frappr map that was created a few months ago. If you’re not on the map already, consider adding yourself.

If Flock were to fund a few meetups, would you attend? How many people from your area do you think a meetup would attract? What would you do at a meetup?


3 thoughts on “Pet Chickens, But No Flocks

  1. No one told the dot com bubble burst… they were free, gathered users, then switched to a fee and the groups moved or fell apart. MySpace picked up many of the groups even though their site isn’t as easy to manage meetups with… then Fox bought them and started censoring so it’s died down too. I don’t know where the cool kids go now to hang out.

    I’m added to frapper, why didn’t I see you? I’m up for a knoxville meeting… flock springing for an open bar?

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