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Request for Opinions: Should Flock be a Browser?

The biggest problem with my inaugural podcast, to my mind, is that it was mostly just me talking. To help remedy that for future editions, I’d like to experiment with having sort of a community talkback edition or segment from time to time. Here’s the idea: I ask a question or try to provoke some thoughts; you respond in some audio format, and I incorporate relevant, reasonably well-done responses into a podcast that features the community much more heavily than it does me. This may not work out, but let’s give it a shot. The first question I’ll ask is why you think it makes better sense for Flock to be a browser rather than a set of extensions (if in fact you think that’s the case; if not, explain why not). If you’d like to participate, send to daryl at an email with the following parts:

  • Subject: “podcast opinion 1”
  • Your name as you’d like to have it read if I include your response (with pronunciation hints if they’re likely to be needed)
  • Your web site if you’d like me to announce it with your answer
  • Link to an mp3 of your response (I’d prefer this to your attaching the mp3 if you can manage it)

I propose not less than about 30 seconds and not more than maybe 2 minutes for responses. Your response becomes property of Flock, you’re not entitled to any compensation for it, and all that other legal mumbo jumbo. Here’s hoping five or six people will respond. If not, I guess this is a wash. I look forward to hearing what our community can come up with.


7 thoughts on “Request for Opinions: Should Flock be a Browser?

  1. Fun, starting with something very controversial 😉

    Why does it need to become property of Flock Inc? Creative Commons attribution license works great 😉

    Will you accept entries through comments to this thread?

    Where do “we” find background information? Here is a couple of links to get started:

    Flock, Firefox and Open Source

    Creating Sustainable Value

    Flock Extension?

    All the best to you,
    Lloyd D Budd
    Flock QA (Qommunity and quality Assurance)

  2. Lloyd, I say the stuff about contributions belonging to Flock for the sake of some of our more corporate types, who tend to be somewhat more draconian w/r/t the legal stuff than what you and I favor. I don’t care who owns the stuff but don’t want people suggesting that because their comments were included in a podcast, they own something produced by Flock.

    Sure, I’ll happily accept entries through comments to this thread; they’ll get emailed to me anyway and grouped with the question in question.

    Thanks for the background info links. I had perhaps wrongly assumed any who’re interested in Flock so far know the background.

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  4. Nice work, Daryl! The final cut turned out very nice. Even the non-Flock users in the room listened to it!

    I’ll record my opinions later on, when I’m not to swamped with last minute work (and my computer isn’t processing 300+ songs into normalized, non-DRM’d mp3s). When do you need these clips/opinions by?

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