flock, wip

WIP 20060117 Tuesday

Things I’m working on

  • New flock.com and extensions site
  • Podcasting (I hope to find time to do interviews with a number of our staff when I visit Flock HQ in a couple of weeks)
  • Working with contractor about making mailing list/forum integration smoother
  • Bugzilla enhancements
  • Planning larger Flock community vision (this is an umbrella item containing things I detailed last week such as themer/localizer/developer tools, PR tool, spread/promote initiative, etc.)
  • Community dashboard

Things on my mind 

  • Flockstar spotlights (thanks, Lloyd, for doing one yesterday)
  • Flock Camp
  • Swag
  • Weekly-ish team seminar publishing
  • Bubbling up community contributions
  • Helping developers contribute code

3 thoughts on “WIP 20060117 Tuesday

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