Portland Group Holding Online Meeting about Flock Usability

A representative of the Portland User Interface Special Interest Group contacted me about the event described below. I won’t be able to attend, but I believe Chris will be there to field questions and talk a bit about Flock. The coordinator has offered to provide a transcript of the event if possible as well.

Please join us this evening at 5:30pm for an online meeting where we review a state of the art web browser competing for your attention called Flock.

Note: This meeting will take place remotely, i.e. from your office desk/chair, a web browser and a phone…see details below.

Guest company: Flock ( http://www.flock.com/)

Date: THURSDAY January 12th, 2006
Time: 5:30pm- 7:30pm PST
Venue: **Web Meeting/Conference Call**
Web Portion: http://www.readytalk.com/ passcode: 9789183
Audio Portion: 1-712-580-1100 passcode: 9789813
Cost: No cost ( Register to attend) -Register if you have not already done so in the past.
Details: Please welcome this month’s guest, Flock, as they present the developer release of their next generation Web browser that incorporates social networking type features and “ Web 2.0” functionality such as sharing, blogging, tagging and more.

Flock is seeking to redefine the browser experience. Flock views the current state of web browsers as inadequate for participating in the rich interactive co-creation and consumption of content and media that the web affords. To fuel this vision, Flock is creating a new open source web browser that for once accomodates sharing, direct weblog publishing, and new information tracking (“social bookmarking”) techniques now becoming mainstream (e.g. Yahoo! buys (Social Bookmarking service) del.icio.us).

Why is this session important? If you have a novel or new product, technology or solution, you will benefit from the discussion about user adoption, new paradigm shifts with users and overcoming barriers to discoverability, intuitiveness and emotional appeal.

What is the UI-SIG:
The Portland User Interface Special Interest Group is a group of professionals focused on the user experience. We meet to provide complimentary usability feedback to selected local businesses or non-profit organizations.

Who should attend: Anyone who has an interest in understanding the strategic value of usability as relates to marketing and design strategy on your website, software application or product. The group is attended by senior managers, marketing, development, consultants and usability specialists.


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