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Women of Flock, Where Are You?

So far, all the community members I’ve interacted with in connection with Flock have been, as far as I’m aware, guys. Surely there are some women out there who use or contribute in some way to Flock. Early on, we had the Flock tummy excitement, which spawned the short-lived and frankly mildly disturbing Flock Tummy Wars thread at Flickr. I’m not asking women to show any skin here, but if you’re out there, speak up. We could stand a little diversity in out Flockstar Spotlights.

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13 thoughts on “Women of Flock, Where Are You?

  1. Helloooo?

    You don’t remember a certain video post Tag Camp where I went on and on about the stars? I’m no developer, but I certainly am an avid user. If I can’t blog from my browser, I ain’t blogging.

    Sigh…and don’t worry…I’m biased NOW, but I loved Flock before I fell for one of your flockstars. 😉


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  3. myow says:

    I’m not a developer either but I am female and a Flock user. I love Flock and am especially in love with its obvious potential. I’m a perpetual newbie with a -poke at it til it works- style and usually would not consider myself part of the Flock community, but hey, I figure we beginners have purpose too. Especially if we pipe up with an “I don’t get it.” when necessary. And our applause is worth something too.

    Flock encouraged me to get into tagging. That alone is priceless.

  4. Thanks for your response, myow. I’m definitely not wanting to hear exclusively from developers. A number of our Flockstars in fact have not been developers but have found other ways to contribute to the project, eg by creating artwork or helping out with bug triage. Having users pipe up with an “I don’t get it” is crucial to our building good software, so that’s a valued role. Applause is nice too. 🙂 Thanks for speaking up. I hope you won’t hesitate to ask questions or offer constructive criticism when you see problems in FLock.

  5. Jennifer B. says:

    Is this what you want to hear?

    I can’t remember the last time I got so wet over a some half-thought-through marketing concept as I am over Flock. Wow. A browser. Like firefox, but much more bloaty. And extensions to do neat rounded-corner-pastel-big-font-Web2.0-Metrosexual-chinbeard things Amazing. Tags. Cluds. Marketing. Mental-masturbation. Annoying. Grammar sort of stuff. Yeah. Just what we need.

    Just how low is your opinion of womyn ?

    Most womyn would be over a Barbie(tm) themed browser by the age of eight or nine. And really that’s about the level that flock is at: “pretty” theme and eye-candy that might appeal to little girls or men who wish they were little-girls, but functionally no real difference from any other random browser.

  6. Jennifer, I don’t necessarily want to hear gushing. I’m not even especially interested in targeting women in particular because I think we offer a shiny object they might be fascinated by. I just wanted to be inclusive. All of our Flockstar Spotlights have been men, for example, and I want to make sure we don’t neglect to recognize people from other demographics. I’m sorry you find my efforts to be inclusive offensive.

    My opinion of women is pretty high. That’s part of why I want to make sure I don’t neglect to recognize their contribution to our community simply because the men are more abundant and visible.

    Your point that our browser isn’t terribly different from others just yet is more or less on target. We’re early in our trajectory yet, though, and we’ve got plans to be a big innovator (we’ve already done some innovating that’s been well-received). We’ve acknowledged that we were over-hyped in the beginning and that we’ve yet to deliver much of what the hype suggested we’d deliver. But we’re working on it.

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