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Amo Flock

I’ve always enjoyed the abbreviations the Mozilla community has used. The 14-year-old boy in me gets a kick out of saying MoFo. The amateur linguist in me thrills at the amo abbreviation for, as amo means “I love” in Latin, and this is a fitting expression given that the ability to extend Firefox is one of its most appealing features for many. Although I learned yesterday that Flock has been removed from Firefox’s list of supported applications (at the FAQ), the addons site does have a category for extensions that support Flock. This is great news, as it provides an interim solution to the trust issue I brought up yesterday. These extensions are uploaded by their authors and QA’d by Mozilla folk, so they should be safe and functional. As more and more authors port their extensions to work with Flock, more and more should appear at amo. Big thanks to the crew at Mozilla for showing us some love by listing Flock extensions.

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