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Got Build?

We’re getting pretty close to being to a point at which we’ll be ready to accept developer contributions from the community. We still need to polish some of our documentation, and we need to make sure our patch review process is in place so that we don’t leave contributors hanging. In the mean time, we’d like to invite developers to join us in #flock-dev at to get help with setting the build environment up. There are usually developers around who are happy to help, but on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons (PST), we’re going to make a special effort to keep an eye on the channel and lend a hand. If you’re brave, go ahead and dive in by reading the documentation on our wiki. If you’ve set up the Mozilla development environment before, the process is very similar and involves primarily getting a different source control management application (mercurial) and running a couple of commands to handle integrating our source with the Firefox base.

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