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Flumpkin, Flock Loops

I was just poking around and looking at the photos tagged flockart on flickr and ran across these, which (among others) pleased or amused me.


FlumpkinThis one demonstrates that I’m behind the curve on flockart, as I’ve just discovered it more than a month after it was especially relevant. I can’t imagine what trick-or-treaters and parents must have thought of this one. A strange seven denoting the seventh seal or the seven deadly sins or something else appropriatley Halloweeny and ghoulish? An alien symbol? Will this flock-o-lantern kick off a tradition whereby the familiar “trick or treat” is replaced by “flock or treat”?

Flock LoopsThis one’s pretty clever because of the visual reference to birds, which (newsflash) fly in flocks. Do toucans actually flock, I wonder? Other goodies include the “vitamin C” label, which should actually be “vitamin C++” and the memory tile inside, which of course helps enhance performance. I wonder what the ingredient label says. Something about 98% of of your recommended daily allowance of flickr integration goodness, no doubt.

Flock SwagAnd this one I post because it’s the first photo I’ve seen of Flock swag actually having made it to a community member. MarkMS was one of the first community members to contribute art of any sort to the project.

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