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Spreading Flock

I’ve had exchanges recently with several people interested in spreading Flock. Naturally, I’m very pleased that community members are reaching out to start this initiative already. But it’s not quite time yet. Priorities over the next few weeks will be getting developer infrastructure and outreach into place. This includes refining our extensions story and providing tools to help extensions developers, working with volunteer developers to come up with a reasonable workflow for incorporating patches to the browser itself, working with localizers to provide tools that will make our shipping localized builds a reality, and ironing out some trademark issues that will let us provide guidelines to those who have expressed an interest in theming the browser.

We need to have these things in place pretty early so that the development process is running as much like a well-oiled machine as possible before we start engaging more with a broader audience of users. (Recall that we’re still a developer preview.) That said, evangelizing Flock and demonstrating to users that it’s a great browser is on the not terribly distant horizon. We hope to harness the community’s energy in productive ways and to provide tools that will make evangelism painless and, if possible, downright enjoyable. But, as I said, we’re not quite there yet.

If you’re interested in getting an alert when we start formalizing evangelical community infrastructure, I invite you to add yourself to our brand new spread list. It’ll be a one-way, low-traffic push; expect an email announcement in a month or so (hopefully). Of course I’ll also announce any upcoming initiatives here. As always, I invite feedback regarding community initiatives you’d find helpful; email me at daryl at or grab me in #flock at

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