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Sidebar Goodness

I’ve blogged so far about what I understood to be the first extension written specifically for Flock and another extension that shortly followed it. LouCypher pointed out to me that there’s been yet another that targets Flock specifically. What the precise sequence of these has been I can’t say. This extension goes nicely with some discussion the staff’s been having lately pertaining to screen real estate and topbars vs. sidebars, and it brings back some pre-pre-release functionality by (among other things) allowing you to view the shelf as a sidebar rather than as a floating window. As a user who likes to keep his windows maximized and hates having to hunt around for extra non-sticky windows, I find this to be a great option.

In other Flock extension news, Bogomil has come through again with a toolbar to make juggling some of the Flock sites simpler. It’s similar to the Bulgarian language extension I blogged yesterday (also by Bogomil), but it searches the Flock community and wiki sites and provides quick links to some of our top-level content. (I’d like to see the feeds site added to this, perhaps with a livemark that includes recent post titles.)

It’s really great to see all this activity in the extension development world. In the next few days, I plan to give a pretty comprehensive update on what’s going on with extensions and with the community vision as a whole. I encourage anybody with ideas on this stuff in the mean time to contact me in irc or to email me at daryl at

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