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Shirt Update

If I’ve promised you a shirt, I haven’t forgotten you. It turns out we were pretty much out and had to order some. Now they’re in, and we’ve got a queue of people waiting on shirts. Never fear — we’ll start shipping them out this week. If you’re in the US and haven’t gotten yours within a week or so, please email me at daryl at so I can follow up. If you’re outside the US, wait a little longer, but email me if you don’t get your shirt soon. If I haven’t promised you a shirt yet, why not do something cool that’ll prompt me to do so?

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10 thoughts on “Shirt Update

  1. Chris Lowder says:

    To try and win myself a flock t-shirt i decided to reproduce(without the aid of a software program) the flock logo, in beautiful ASCII art…
    | __|
    | |_
    | _|
    | |
    |_|lock (ok so i got sick of it after the first letter, give me a t-shirt)

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