Ten Ways to Be a Bona Fide Flocker

  1. Use Flock! Specifically, keep on top of hourly builds to monitor how we’re progressing and to test ongoing changes.
  2. Report bugs. It helps us most to have bugs reported against hourly builds. See the wiki for some bug-reporting guidelines.
  3. Filter bugs. It’s natural for there to be duplicate bugs or bugs that could use more detail, and we could use help resolving these sorts of issues.
  4. Help other users. If you see somebody in the forums or on a list asking a question you know the answer to, chime in with friendly instructions or an informational link.
  5. Respond to press. Take a minute to respond politely to blog posts about Flock, providing tips and additional information where possible. We’re working on tools to help us track our response rate to Flock news on the web.
  6. Engage with the community. Here are some ideas: Collaborate to write wiki entries listing the top 50 most annoying bugs at any given time; do the same for a top 20 features list, using bugzilla as a guideline in both cases. Organize contests among yourselves; create Flock art (don’t forget to tag it “flockart“); create your own Top X lists; emerge, emerge!
  7. Localize Flock. Start with the tutorial, and then engage with other localizers in the forums or on the mailing list.
  8. Volunteer. We anticipate having all sorts of opportunities available, from massaging data to web development to more formal bug filtering. Let us know how you’re best qualified to help, and we’ll match you up with fitting opportunities as they arise.
  9. Talk to us. We’re very eager to provide tools that’ll help you build a vibrant community around Flock. Email me at daryl at flock.com to let me know what you think would be useful, or better yet, join the flock-discuss mailing list and share your thoughts with others as well.
  10. Spread the meme. Write your own blog posts about Flock. Add banners to your site. Wear swag (it’ll be available soon).

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