Drupal/Bugzilla Integration

As noted the other day, I’m trying to encourage the Flock community to log bugs themselves. I haven’t had a chance to gauge just yet how many are actually doing this. I do keep seeing bug reports in the forums, and I contine to suggest that people log them as real bugs, but I worry that if we’re not careful, some of these valuable reports will fall through the cracks.

For now, as I comment on these reports, I’m adding a little pseudo-tag to my comment that I can go back and search for later to make sure these entries do in fact have bugs logged. But it promises to be sort of a nasty process. First, I leave little garbage pseudo-tags in my comment; then, I’ll have to endure the tedium of ensuring that a bug is created for each of these. Here’s what’d be neat:

Each forum post has a button I can push to convert the post and comments into a bug report at my bugzilla installation. At minimum, it should send the link as the url associated with the bug, and ideally, it dumps the content of the forum thread into the bug. In an ideal world, it also gets a response from Bugzilla that tells it the bug number, and it adds a comment to the forum thread that includes a link to the bug that’s just been logged.

It’d also be neat if each forum post had a small text box that would allow me to type in a bug number and that would add a comment including a link to the bug when I did so.

I think this’d be just a great bit of integration between Drupal and Bugzilla, and it seems like it’d be of some use to the broader community of open source developers. Does such a thing exist in hiding somewhere? Is there anybody who’d be willing to whip something like this up?

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