Flocker: A New Definition

          1. One who works as an employee of Flock.
          2. One who uses Flock, especially if active in the Flock community.
          3. A program that converts Firefox extensions into Flock extensions.

Geoff Gauchet has written a little app that lets you drag a Firefox extension onto it and that spits out a Flock-compatible version. This is a great tool for those of you who’re waiting on your favorite extensions to be ported before making the switch to Flock. I hear that the tool doesn’t port all extensions yet but that it’ll soon support more. Great work, Geoff!

As for Flock-hosted extensions, we’re working right now to get the extensions site up and running with updates and the ability for extensions developers to submit their own extensions. In the mean time, Geoff’s efforts will help get current Flockers through. This is certainly worth some swag. Geoff, look for an email from me today.

Right now, Flocker works only on Mac and PC. If somebody does a Linux port (especially if it supports both a cli interface and a gui interface), you can bet I’ll send a shirt and some stickers your way.


2 thoughts on “Flocker: A New Definition

  1. Hey, thanks for the Flocker recognition. Just wanted to say thanks and let everyone know that Flocker is now available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux! The newest version now supports more extensions than before!

    The Linux version isn’t AS cool as its Mac and PC counterparts, but it works! Oh, and it’s GUI only, at the moment.

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