We Have a Winner

Laurence Timms, FlockerIt pays to keep on top of the Flock staff’s feed. Last night, I posted a quickie contest invitation to post a screen shot of yourself using the Flock blog editor. Laurence Timms weighed in early and will have a shirt in his mailbox next week. Laurence was already posting about Flock without even needing a bribe for incentive. Thanks, Laurence!

Bernard Nikaj also got an early entry in, and I’m going to see about shipping a shirt out to him in Kosovo as well. Keep those comments and photos coming.

Chris posted last night a Flock Postage Stamp Contest. Basically, you design a stamp, we like it, we print it, we send you swag. It’s a good deal all around. Flock philately is phun.


6 thoughts on “We Have a Winner

  1. Bob, yes, we have tee-shirts left and more on order. I plan to give out a lot of them. Do something to make yourself stand out in the community and I’ll pitch one your way. 🙂

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